PE Kit in School

We are very keen to get all our students back into Physical Education lessons and being physically active, confident and safe. It is essential in a practical subject that we are covid-compliant, and there are several changes that we have made to our normal operational procedures and curriculum to facilitate this process.

1. Students will be required to come into school on the day(s) of their PE lesson(s) in the full Calthorpe PE kit, including trainers/astros. Non-regulation CPS PE kit will not be permitted around the school. Hoodies will not be permitted.

2. Students must sanitise hands upon entry to PE and upon exit.

3. School sweatshirts must be worn and removed for PE in the event of a student not having a PE fleece or rugby shirt.

4. Black tracksuit bottoms or sport leggings may be worn and they have always been included in the optional kit items.

5. Students must bring their school uniform with them to change into (school sweatshirt, shirt and tie as a minimum) in case of inclement weather and getting wet. We will then stagger the numbers of students accessing the changing rooms to change out of wet PE kit. In the event that outdoor PE cannot take place we will have 2 groups doing practical whilst 2 groups go to a classroom/theory for one lesson and then swap over for the second lesson so each class will have one practical lesson and one classroom based lesson.

6.  Most lessons will be outside so be prepared with base layers etc and we will only come inside if the weather is very poor.

7. Students may bring in a rain jacket or mac (any colour) but they must be lightweight and not restrict movement.      A normal coat/jacket will not be permitted.

8. Bags will be taken to the lesson venue and in inclement weather will be dropped off in a designated changing room.

9. We will not be completing a full kit check but please do make sure items of kit are the correct items and are clearly labelled. However, we will complete a cursory check of kit from a health and safety point of view. (I know there have been some issues with kit, especially for Yr 7, so please send your child in with a note if this is the case).

10. Students will be following a recovery curriculum that will focus on the delivery of a range of activities that promote health and fitness, problem solving and multi skills.

11. Students will be working in ‘mini bubbles’ within their class for the first half term.

12. Equipment will be sanitised after every use and sharing of equipment will be limited and only within their bubble, if at all.

13. A full water bottle must be brought to the lesson as we will be unable to refill during the lesson.

14. No extra curricular activities will take place but will be reviewed by the school as the term progresses.


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