Supporting Reading at Home/Reading Buddies

It’s common practice for many parents to support their children at home when they are first learning to read, but this often stops when students reach secondary school.   Even though our students are old enough to read by themselves, reading in their spare time often drops by the wayside, due to the myriad of other activities available to them.

Research shows that reading aloud regularly, even to older students, can help improve their reading ability and understanding dramatically;  key skills as they approach their GCSEs.  We run a Reading Buddies scheme in school, where many students have increased their reading scores by reading & discussing a book with a partner, just 3 times a week.

If your teenager doesn’t read by themselves very often, could you help support them at home doing the same thing?  Just spending  10 -20 minutes regularly,  sharing, laughing and talking about a great book can make all the difference!

See this link for details.


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