Summer Reading Challenge and Library Borrowing

The summer holidays are here, so we are challenging our students to take part in the CPS Summer Reading Challenge!

Students who read between 1-9 books, from a variety of genres, over the summer holidays will be awarded certificates, badges and achievement points when they return to school in September. 

The Bronze challenge is to read 1-3 books  to win a Bronze certificate and 3 achievement points, students  who read 4-  6 books will be awarded a Silver certificate and 4 achievement points, while those reading  between 6 -9 books will be rewarded with a Gold certificate and 5 achievement points.

To support the challenge, students are able to borrow a maximum of 6 books from the Library between 1st -12th July ( it is closed for stocktaking for the last week of term).  The Reading Challenge booklet will be available from the Library from Monday 1st July.

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