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Y9 Victoria and Albert Museum - May 2024

We took Year 9 Art, Ceramics, and Photography students to the Victoria & Albert Museum. The students spent the day exploring different sections of the museum, relevant to their respective projects, sketching and photographing the exhibits, or photographing the fantastic architecture and structures in the vicinity of the museum. Students will use the work produced and resources created to inspire and inform their personal responses within their current projects.

We received comments from members of the public, expressing their awe at the maturity and exemplary behaviour displayed by our students. It was a really successful day, and the students benefitted a lot from the experience. Students commented that they 'enjoyed seeing the variety of styles and textures used on ceramics', 'the vast collection of different art pieces was inspirational', and 'it was interesting to see the ceramics and how they have changed through the years'.

20240521_120224     20240521_121712     20240521_122108

20240521_140616     20240521_124550     20240521_124627

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