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Maths Feast Day - February 2024

8 of our top year 10 mathematicians were invited to take part in the Maths Feast. This was a team competition with 18 teams from 10 schools from across Hampshire. The competition was in 4 rounds involving very diverse skills: Logic, Origami and shapes, Calculator puzzles and TV Quiz shows. 

Starter was a word search served with sweets 

Round one was based on TV shows such as House of Games, 1% Club and Only Connect and involved using Fermi estimation to work out how many pet cats there were in the UK. 

Round two used calculators with one pair solving down clues and the other across ones. This was a real race against time with the last digits going in with seconds to spare. 

We took a break to have KitKats, Hula Hoops and a drink before round 3 

Round Three involved logic puzzles set in the world of the Maths-Hatters. These types of problems are seen in the STEP papers used for university entrance to top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge. Imperial and Warwick. Again, it was down to the wire on time. 

The last round involved everyone frantically constructing a cube and a rhombic dodecahedra using origami as well as some high-level shape questions. 

The day finished with pizza and prizegiving and our two teams did incredibly well with scores of 89 and 96 out of 100 gaining them 7th and 2nd place - it was a very tight competition. 

Well done to John, Nathan, Grace, Sophie, Robert, Alice, Ria and Megan!

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