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Lion King - November 2023

The Music department took 120 students to see the Lion King on Thursday 9 November. We were able to see the show from two different areas - the stalls and royal circle. Students were able to experience the wonderful cast performing in the aisles and on stage as well as seeing the amazing percussion section of the pit orchestra in the theatre balconies. Mrs Coleman experienced first hand the hazards of the aisle seat by getting up close with some rhinos and getting scared by Mufasa within the first act. Students were stunned by the vocal skills of the performers and intricate choreography to recreate the animals and scenery of the film. The group were impeccably behaved throughout and have coped well with the late return back to school at 12.40am! 

On 30 November the Music department took another 52 students to see The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre in London. We had the pleasure of experiencing the animals and actors coming through the stalls and were captured by the amazing set, lighting, choreography and music. For lots of people this was their first experience of watching a show in London and many students stated they absolutely loved it!  Students were great representation of Calthorpe, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it - especially Miss Kearns, Mr Walker and Mr Forster who have now seen it twice in one month!

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