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Y7 Finding your Feet - April 2023


What an amazing weekend - we were very lucky with the weather with lots of great laughs and fun! Students were a pleasure to take on the trip and rose to the challenge and found their feet.  They completed so many adrenaline-rush activities such as climbing and zipline to working on our team building in raft-building and orienteering.  They survived a zombie apocalypse by building some shelters from scratch in the forest!  The evening activities were fun, including balloon-splash, capture the flag and the disco where we danced the night away.  Some may argue the staff enjoyed it a little too much with the opportunity to dress up!

Big thanks to all the staff who gave up their weekend this time and on the trip in March, and to Max and Lizzie, our PGL instructors.  This trip has been a pleasure to lead and we look forward to the new Year 7s finding their feet next year.

Mr Marshall-James

I found PGL really exciting and fun because of all the fun activities.  My favourite activities were the zipline because I loved the speed and enjoyed the thrill of it.  I also really enjoyed rock climbing (which was our first activity), because I have done it before and I liked racing my mates.  The food there was also really good and the squash was great, no wonder the queues.  Filip Z

I really liked the weekend because the Giant Swing was really fun.  You got to go so high up and I got to meet some new Year 7s.  Mr MJs dancing was the best! Grace S

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