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Y8 Imperial War Museum - March 2023

On Thursday 9 March we took a group of Year 8 students to visit the Imperial War Museum in London.  This was to build on work we have been doing so far in History as we have been looking at the First World War, and will be moving onto further conflicts later in the year. The students moved around the museum exhibits with a booklet to complete, finding out the personal stories of the people who lived through these times and to extend their knowledge further.  Our students were amazing and we are looking forward to taking our postponed trip to the Imperial War Museum on Friday 7 July.

Amie: ‘My favourite part of the visit yesterday was how interactive the museum was, in particular walking through a replica of a First World War Trench’  

Will: ‘My favourite part of the visit yesterday was the Second World War section where we got to look at the different types of planes and tanks.’

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