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ELSA News - December 2022

The ELSA Team have been excited to launch their new ELSA page to students this term. Please encourage your child to have a look - this can be accessed by clicking on the ELSA button on the student landing page. This takes you to some information about the ELSA team: who we are and how we can support students. 

ELSA Clubs have been particularly busy this term.  As part of anti-bullying week, the ELSA Club learnt that odd socks are like people, we are all different and unique. Odd socks go well together just like friends can go well together even though they are so different from each other. We should compliment other people's uniqueness and accept compliments on our own uniqueness. Being unique and different is good!

The ELSA After School Club have also enjoyed learning about the power of gratitude and the positive impact that acknowledging the positives in daily life can have on our mental health and wellbeing. We enjoyed creating gratitude mobiles to be thankful.

The Wednesday Lunchtime Board games club in A1 has been enjoyed by students. Luna has also been popping in to try out a game of Connect 4!

Laugh and craft are getting festive and busy working on all things Christmas.


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