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Assemblies - November 2022

Each year our assembly programme changes to reflect topical issues, events and themes that embody our shared values. Our students have the benefit of having these delivered to them within their House, in the formal setting of our main hall. To ensure that our students really engage with the messages that we deliver, an ‘all in’ activity is delivered by each of their tutors that supports each assembly theme.

The year started with Mr John welcoming all students back to school and setting out our expectations. This was followed by our Heads of House having their first opportunity to meet their new houses and developing a sense of what it meant to be either Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz or Quartz.

Mr Borkowski took the theme of ‘kindness’ and regaled a true story (ask your children about Crib Goch!) whilst also highlighting simple ways to demonstrate kindness.  Each tutor group also had to work together to produce a ‘kindness calendar’ where they had to commit to acts of kindness as a group.

Ms Jones celebrated Black History month and explored inroads that have been made into equalities within the UK over the last 70 years by examining the case study of Seretse Khama whilst establishing how we can better eliminate prejudice and foster tolerance within our Calthorpe Park Community. 

Celebration was the order of the day for our Heads of House as they finished the first half term by acknowledging how amazing their houses and tutor groups are. Awards for attendance, Calthorpe points, tutor group notice boards coupled with updates on the inter-house quiz and the awarding of each tutor group's ‘house gems’ were just some of the highlights! 

As we move into the next half term, please remember to check our social media platforms for updates on what we’re doing, how it’s going and photos of school life.


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