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Year 10 Art & Photography trip - October 2021

MB Kew 7

We took a group of Year 10 Art & Photography students to Kew Gardens on Monday 18 October to support their GCSE Organic project.

We all had a great day and the students were amazing: sketching in the greenhouses, Pagoda, taking photos from the Tree Top Walkway and around the route.  We walked over 12000 steps and within those took in the Shirley Sherwood gallery where Zadok Ben-David, an internationally renowned Artist, exhibited an amazing 360 degree installation called Blackfield.  As we entered the gallery floor it was covered in 17,000 black etched flowers - as students turned the corner a gasp was literally heard as the black, delicate, steel-etched flowers turned to a forest of rainbow colours as each flower was painted in intricate colours offering Hope.

One student wrote ‘they looked so beautiful yet so delicate. It seemed like each and every single art piece shared their own stories even though they looked like a shadow they emitted a sense of life but also expressing a darker side.  This reminds me of the state of humanity’. 

MB Kew 10     MB Kew 6     MB Kew 9

MB Kew 5   MB Kew 2 a   MB Kew 3 a   245963715_162690602660103_8937764651455598236_n

MB Kew 4 a     246226799_198796365699952_4809396111748096625_n     246589316_326160105936246_5746459936797093648_n

MB Kew 1

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