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Y7 & Y8 Maths Challenge certificates

To even be chosen to take part in a UKMT challenge shows that your teachers believe you to be talented mathematicians in the top 18% of the UK. UKMT competitions mean you have to be able to think outside the box. They are not about rote learning but applying knowledge in new and different ways. They are about problem solving!

These skills are highly prized by employers and universities.

In our school we are proud of the fact that while these students were chosen to take part, they made the effort and commitment to do this in their own time outside of school.

Out of all the participants in the Challenge only 40% will be awarded a certificate, In our school we are proud to say that students beat that percentage with over 63% of students entered gaining a certificate.  Getting a certificate is the equivalent of being in the top 7.2 % of the UK students, getting a Silver puts you in the top 4 %, Gold puts you in about the top 1% of the Uk. This year we had  21 Gold, 24 Silver and 25 bronze certificates

We are also delighted to have 19 students be invited to the Kangaroo round due to their excellent results in the first round and to have 5 students gain Merits in these as well.


Two students were additionally invited to take part in the Olympiad- one from each year group - John S (Y7) and George A (Year 8).

We don't have their results yet but a big congratulations on qualifying for this, the highest challenge in the competition.

Additional Qualification

First prize to John S (Year 7) for outstanding achievement in the Southampton university mathematics challenge 2021. This is an annual challenge taken part in by students from across the UK for students who are in Year 8 or under.



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