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Announcement from the Headteachers - September 2020


We are writing to you early in the new term to give you some important news about Calthorpe Park School. As Headteachers, we know that Calthorpe Park is in a position of considerable strength with consistently excellent attainment and progress, a dedicated and talented staff body, a strong culture, embedded ethos and a deep commitment to the education of the whole child; all underpinned by The Calthorpe Way.

Alongside these defining characteristics, we are a growing school with an ongoing commitment from Hampshire to further invest in the development and improvement of our already excellent facilities; we are also financially solvent and incredibly well placed to continue moving forward.

Given all of this, and following a huge amount of soul-searching and discussion, we have decided, with no little sadness, that it is time for us to step down as Headteachers of Calthorpe Park School.

We wish to be clear that it was never our intention to announce our news at the start of an academic year. This letter was originally penned way back in March, with a scheduled release date of March 23rd , almost exactly 6 months ago. But then an announcement of much larger scale was made - national school closure - and we knew that our hearts, and duty, belonged to Calthorpe Park a while longer.

So, to ensure a smooth and safe return to school, to establish a clear sense of direction and to give our Governing Body additional time to recruit a new Headteacher, we will continue in post until Easter 2021. Jonathan Phillips, Chair of Governors, will be in touch in the next few days to give you more details of this process.

It has been an enormous privilege to lead this school for the past seven years. Between us, both as Deputy Heads and as Headteachers, we have over forty years invested in the school so, as you can imagine, our decision has been far from an easy one. We could not be prouder of our staff, students and community. We could not feel more pleasure or pride in watching young people grow and develop, realise potential, exceed expectations. This is also true of our staff. When we introduced the school motto ‘Aspire for yourself; Inspire others’, we quickly realised that, although originally focussed on our students, it was appropriate for us all.

As previously stated, we feel the school is in an excellent place from which to continue to move forward; but, being Calthorpe, there is never complacency and our zeal and resolve to drive forward, to keep improving, remain undiminished. We have so many skilled, highly committed colleagues and such curious, reflective learners: their combined constant striving to be better every day frequently inspires each other, and always inspires us.

We fully understand that change can be unsettling, but another strength of the school lies in its adaptability. Be reassured that we will continue to work with a relentless focus to ensure that the business of learning remains unabated and that growth and change are planned for with care. Our commitment, energy and passion for education and for Calthorpe Park will remain constant, ensuring that all our students receive an outstanding education built upon the values and qualities that we hold so dear.

When you have given so much of your life to a single workplace, there is inevitably a significant amount of your heart and soul in that place. Over the years, we have been fortunate to work with devoted colleagues, eager students, committed parents and have been supported by governors who understand that, whilst education must be about exam results, it must also be about so much more: moulding young people of whom we can all be proud, and who can be proud of themselves, both now and in the future.

The last few months have made us reflect that there is never an easy time to step away from a school and job that we love; rarely a good time to do so; but sometimes a right time. This feels about as close to the right time as we will ever get, given the current context.

There will be time enough in the months to come for expressions of gratitude to everyone who has been part of our time and life at this most wonderful school. But for now, it will be business as usual. It has been an honour and a privilege to work in such a school, and to serve such a community.

Thank you.


Ms M Hooper Mr M Amos

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