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Results Day - August 2020

After an unprecedented period in their lives during which so many of the traditional and eagerly anticipated events and rites of passage associated with leaving secondary school have been lost to them, our Year 11 of 2020 should have been coming in to school this morning to collect all of their examination grades.

It would be impossible not to be aware of the confusion, chaos and complexities that, during the past few days, have surrounded the allocation of these grades – uncertainty which has increased students’ stress levels even more than is traditionally the case at this time of the year, as they await, with trepidation, the collection of those all-important pieces of paper.

And then, to coin what must surely be the phrase of the pandemic, the final act on the stage of these ‘strange and uncertain times’ has been the late withdrawal of BTEC and vocational qualification grades, pending their review in light of the changes in the processes around the award of GCSE grades.

Throughout all of this, it is essential that no one loses sight that this is all about the students, about young people’s lives, futures, aspirations and dreams.

GCSE 1     GCSE 2

We have always placed high value on the qualities and dispositions that young people develop throughout their time at Calthorpe Park and these characteristics have never been more tested, nor more positively demonstrated, than during these strange times. We are immensely proud of each and every member of our Year 11 cohort.  Not only have they displayed outstanding resilience and patience, they have shown fortitude, maturity and resolve; they have been considerate, committed and impressive in what they do and what they have achieved.

GCSE 3     GCSE 4

With the loss of so many of their iconic school-leaving moments, we wanted to at least replicate the normal Results Collection Day, socially-distanced, of course.  We took advantage of the sunny weather and our wonderful courtyard to give them a well-deserved event …...  and it was one they embraced, metaphorically-speaking, with good humour and great celebration.

GCSE 5     GCSE 6

The GCSE results were outstanding. All of them did well, many superbly so, with some  brilliant individual performances in both attainment and progress. A very bright future beckons for all of them and they will, we know, do themselves, their families and the school proud.

We, and our Governing Body, thank them for their contribution to Calthorpe Park School, for the legacy they leave to current and future cohorts, and for their inspiration to us all.

Many congratulations to our Year of 2020!

Martin Amos and Melanie Hooper
Head Teachers


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