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Isolation at Calthorpe - Week 6

Isolation at Calthorpe: Week 6!
Mr Harris is one of our Science teachers so, on Monday, when he told us he was going to show us how to make jewellery, we were rather surprised. Once we had done our on-line learning, he laid out an amazing selection of coloured beads in all shapes and sizes.  Some were glass, some were resin, some were metal but they were all brill. Eat your heart out Hobby Craft!  After we had admired and felt the texture of the different beads, Mr Harris showed us how to make a bracelet. It was a really fun activity and, at the end, we gave him a round of applause to show how much we had enjoyed it. We wore our bracelets as we left school that day, showing them off to all who would look.  
On Tuesday, Mr Edwards set us a challenge: ‘Could we make a jewellery box as good as the one he had made?’  When he showed us the prototype  he had made, we all thought ‘easy!’ But we were wrong.  Getting the measurements exact so that the box would, first of all fit together, and then close, was quite a challenge. So, we had to take a step back.  We worked hard but time ran out so, next week, we’ll finish them off and find out whether the apprentices can be as good as the Master! Most of us have decided that, once we get them home, we’ll keep them as a great present for our mums on their next birthday or at Christmas. It has been another fun but quite challenging activity and we think it has also taught us that woodwork, as with many things in life, needs to be done with precision and care.
On Wednesday, Ms Chidgey organised a ‘Scavenger Hunt’ which we really enjoyed.  Lilly and Tru both won prizes. Then, on Thursday, Mr Bullion and Mrs Plunkett helped us finish the pin-hole cameras that we had started the week before. We were all excited to experience for ourselves how something so simple could, at the same time, be so interesting and we all agreed that Jamie’s camera was the best. Mr Bullion said that next week we will be doing a lesson involving ball bearings and echos……. our minds boggle. Watch this space!
Every day we get the chance to do a sports activity in our new Sports Hall.  It’s a great  venue, especially when it’s raining. To round off the week, Mrs Timms cooked us all fish fingers and chips with loads of ketchup and Mr Talibart organised a quiz with a focus on environmental geography.
Josh and Archie are in charge of watering our seedlings every day. They are doing great  - check out the photos to see how much they have grown since last week!
bean     tomatoes     Courgette
All in all, another good week in isolation at Calthorpe.
By Jay, Drew and Mason
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