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Isolation at Calthorpe: Week 5

Isolation at Calthorpe Park!  Week 5
Week 5 already and another week in school, completing the learning tasks our teachers have set us, interspersed by great fun activities and sports lessons to keep us fit.

On Monday, we created ‘white light’ in Science with Mr Barratt and then, in the afternoon, with Miss Oram’s help, we used drama to explain,to an imaginary audience, what we had learnt about the colour white! Everyone should try acting out a colour…. it’s really challenging! But great fun too.  

Tuesday was Italian Food Day with Mrs Wayman and Mrs Timms Blanch.  We made Italian ‘grissini’ (bread sticks to us!), ‘focaccia’ (which, as Mrs Timms explained, is often wrongly called ‘pizza’) and minestrone soup.  Mrs Wayman brought in half of her kitchen cupboard and most of her herb garden so that we would have an exciting array of ingredients to work with. Our minestrone soups were delicious and so full of goodness that we felt we should, perhaps, mass produce them and distribute them around Fleet as a ‘super-food’!  Some of the Year 7 boys, however, decided to be very ‘British’ and make scones.  Not only did they learn how to make the scones (which everyone enjoyed eating), they also learned that, if you want your food to be cooked, you actually have to turn the oven on first!

Focaccia     Box camera

After completing our Edulink learning on Wednesday, we played an ‘Escape Room’ game with Miss Kiernan. Thursday’s special activity was great fun also because we made box cameras with Mrs Proctor.  These are now ready and waiting for us to put lenses in them so that we can use them on Monday in another science activity.

On Friday, we carried out a scientific investigation into the reaction between the soft drink Coca Cola and the mint sweets Mentos.  We did this with Mr Findlay and found that you get a more vigorous reaction when the Mentos are cut into smaller pieces.  We were all amazed at the ‘vigorous reaction’!  If people want some excitement during Lockdown they really, really do need to do this experiment!

PS. We’d just like to announce that the seeds we planted last week are already sprouting beautifully. Check out the photos!

French bean     tomatoes

By Jamie, Cadence, Zak and Mason

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