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Isolation at Calthorpe! Week 3

Isolation at Calthorpe!  Week 3

Since schools closed, this has been our third week of coming into Calthorpe every day and, even though it’s now the holiday period, we can both say that we are still enjoying all the activities!

Although we are completing some Edulink tasks set by our teachers, the focus for this week has been activities that are fun and challenging in a variety of other ways.

On Monday, we created balloon-powered cars with Mr Elsey and then had fun racing them. Zak’s car won the race!  On Monday afternoon, we gathered flowers and shrubbery from our gardens around the school with Mrs Wayman.  Back at our little ‘nest’ in school, aka the Art Block, we turned all the lovely flowers, leaves and stems into Easter bouquets. The plan was to take them home to our mums, but we forgot ours in school!

On Tuesday, Ms Loosemore made our morning both challenging and healthy with an orienteering activity. In the afternoon, we were blown away by Mr Barratt’s lesson on holograms.  We began with the challenge of making Perspex square pyramids which we placed on our phones, playing moving images. It was exciting to see these images in 3D and really life-like.  We also experimented with lots of different sized pyramids which gave us different sized holograms and images.

After we had made sure that we had completed all our home learning, Origami was our key activity for Wednesday morning. In the afternoon we enjoyed the sunshine with activities organised for us by Mr Taylor such as a basketball shooting challenge followed by an Easter-themed badminton chocolate challenge. Exhausting but delicious!

By Zac and Josh

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