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Isolation at Calthorpe - Week 2, 30 March - 3 April 20

What the students still in school during the closure got up to this week!


Another week ‘in isolation’ at Calthorpe ……. but time has passed in a flash as we have had so much fun!
After completing all the lessons our various subject teachers have set us for home study, we have enjoyed some fabulous alternative ways of learning.  For example, we investigated the dispersion of white light into a beautiful rainbow spectrum with Ms Proctor and Mr Barratt took us through a lesson on the structure of plant cells using an onion.  We also paid another visit to the school pond so that we could collect some samples of water plant roots and compare them, under the microscope, to land plants that live in sunny and shady areas.
To keep us fit, we played badminton, basketball and dodge ball with Ms Loosemore, Mr Taylor and Mr Margileski. And we kept fit with Mr Barclay.
Drama with Ms Oram was brilliant and we enjoyed watching the Punctuation Show followed by a Music and General Knowledge Quiz with Mrs Al Dabagh and Ms Meaden. We made music with Miss Kearns.


‘Hope’ was the theme for our RE/Craft lesson with Mrs Timms Blanch and Ms Wayman.  After considering the need to remain positive and hopeful in these challenging times, we made cards to remind us all that there is always a rainbow after the rain!
Archie H, Year 9
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