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Home Cooking

Year 7 - Hayden made a stir fry 
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Year 8 - Oscar, Jasmine & Jaydin made some yummy looking pizzas, which everyone knows is Miss Baggott’s favourite!
Niamh made some perfect looking bread and had to adapt the ingredients to what she had at home.
Jasmine also made pretzels which are photographed but her rocky road but it was eaten too quickly.
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Year 10 - Isy made a lovely chicken and rice dish using store cupboard ingredients to make a sauce. Jamie made some delicious looking brownies and really thought about his presentation.
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It's not just Food and Nutrition students who can send in their photos of their cooking and baking, we actively encourage all students to send in their dishes as this is further learning of a life skill.  You can see Miles' fantastic bread which also had to be adapted.
Fantastic effort and achievement points have been awarded - keep on cooking! 
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@CPSFoodP_N on twitter 
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