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Isolation at Calthorpe Park! 23-27 March 20

A report on what the students who are still coming into school every day during the closure have been getting up to…….


‘Isolation, empty class rooms, empty halls, empty playground. Silence! The only sound we can hear is the birds singing. We often wish for peace and quiet but now we have it, it seems too much!

The buildings are silent, like empty mausoleums. The playgrounds almost look like the exercise grounds you see in prison films when the prisoners are still locked inside. A sad sight because, up until just a few days ago, they were filled with noisy students playing football……

But all is not lost!

Our parents are Key Workers and we are still coming into school every day. We call ourselves ‘The Isolation Team’! Made up today of  Tru, Dan, Josh, Archie, Zack and myself, we are doing fine. We’ve been happy, completing all our activities and creating friendship bonds that will last until we leave Calthorpe.

IMG_2067     IMG_2065

We have been very productive, getting our school work done, doing Science experiments, playing badminton, painting, singing, working out with the Body Coach and, of course, enjoying the canteen meals which have been specially provided for us. For all of which we are very grateful.

We thought you might enjoy a few photos of our week in isolation!’

Report by Lillie

Photos by Dan

IMG_2045     IMG_2039     IMG_2049

IMG_2061     IMG_2037     IMG_2046


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