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Dragons' Den - February 2020


On Wednesday, 12th February, Calthorpe Park School hosted its second annual Inter-Schools Dragons’ Den event.  Nine teams from across four schools each pitched their own unique product in return for virtual investment from the Dragons.  In addition to the two teams representing Calthorpe Park, there were teams from George Abbot School Guildford, Salesian College Farnborough and, finally, Kings International Camberley.

The Dragons were composed of two captains of industry from local business: Brandon O'Reilly, CEO of Farnborough Airport; Andrew Morgan, serial entrepreneur and Freeman of the City of London and also our very own Ms Emma Jones, Assistant Headteacher, whose impressive CV includes experience of working in the financial sector.

Each group had a window of fifteen minutes to pitch their product to the Dragons.  At the end of the event prizes were awarded: £200, £100 and £50 for first, second and third place, respectively.

The results were as follows:

First place:      Salesian College
Second place:  Calthorpe Park
Third place:     Salesian College

Congratulations to all Calthorpe students who took part, and particularly to Adrien C and Isabella McN, who formed the Calthorpe team, securing second place.  The Dragons commented that the pitches were of the highest standard yet and were also very impressed with the organisation and hosting of the event.

Calthorpe prizewinners


The support crew who helped run the event came from the ranks of our Year 10 Business students.  Particular thanks to James S in Year 11 who controlled the technology and presentation expertly.




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