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ESU Public Speaking Competition - January 2020

Constance, Isabella and Aaron represented the school in the ESU Public Speaking Competition at Prior's Field School on Tuesday 21st January. The competition was very high, with many private schools taking part and Calthorpe Park being the only state school present.

After a long evening, the judges retired for an hour to deliberate the results. This meant the students did not return home until 9.30pm.  Points were scored for each of the three roles in a team: public speaker, chairperson and questioner, and collectively Calthorpe's score was the highest, meaning we won the competition!

One of the judges, the former Mayor of Guildford, commented afterwards that Calthorpe Park students were prepared, honest, rehearsed, and it was their teamwork that saw them through. She also said it was the best reaction she has ever seen from a team upon winning - a look of genuine surprise and joy.

This means that Calthorpe Park now go to the regional finals at Guildford Cathedral on 13th February. National Finals will then be held at Dartmouth House, Mayfair, London in the spring.


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