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Science Live trip - December 2019

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103 Year 11 GCSE students saw and heard from five world-renowned scientists who hopefully sent them away with a deeper sense of what science is and what it might be for, and an experienced chief examiner who gave some practical advice to help them do well in their exams.

The scientists that we heard from were:

  • Professor Jim Al-Khalili from the University of Surrey who gave an animated talk on time travel.
  • Professor Robert Winston medical doctor and distinguished scientist, who gave an informative presentation on embryo development.
  • Professor Andrea Sella synthetic chemist at UCL who gave a practical presentation on Strange Ice.
  • Professor Steve Jones research geneticist at UCL, author of evolution books. The relationship between genes and environment.
  • Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock – space scientist and lecturer, presenter of the BBC’s ‘The Sky At Night’
  • Examiner Stewart Chenery who provided top tips on examination success.

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‘Made a difficult topic very interesting and answered all the questions well – even the unusual ones’.

‘Not a single dull moment throughout the lecture, the experiments were interesting and captivating’

‘I’m more interested in Science and it recapped useful exam techniques.’

Thanks to Mr Findlay, Mrs Plunkett, Mr Barrett, Mrs Proctor, Mrs Brownbridge, Mrs Brown, Mrs Bristow, Mrs Mcintosh, Mr Stewart & Mr Victory.



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