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Wellbeing Club

The Calthorpe Park Student Wellbeing Ambassadors formed the Wellbeing Club in the Spring term. Our aim is to improve wellbeing for the school community. We started by trying different activities to promote wellbeing, using the NHS website and advice on wellbeing for inspiration. Our activities included meditation (being mindful), yoga (being active), cake decorating (giving to others), first aid (learning new skills) and writing letters to friends and family (connecting with others). We have also trialled some Headspace mindfulness activities, baked cakes and are hoping to get outdoors as the weather improves.

In the future we hope to continue participating in a range of activities that promote wellbeing. We are also currently working on a post box that will be available for students to post anonymous and general questions and comments regarding mental health at school that will be responded to via the FAQs sections of our Wellbeing Moodle page.

We always welcome new members to our group, so please look out for Moodle notices and join us after school on a Monday if you are interested.

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