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Snowsports Experience - April 2019


We were blessed with an abundance of snow, both during the night and day, with an endless supply of fresh powder - most unusual during the month of April – once again proving  that weather and snow conditions are unpredictable every year.

All of our group, young and not so young, made great progress during the week with every group at least managing some red runs by the end of the week.

The Snowsports Experience however, is about far more than the obvious sporting challenges. The whole nine days away are a challenge to body, mind and spirit, regardless of age or experience and resilience – a key concept of The Calthorpe Way -  was in evidence from all students throughout the week.


A personal highlight for me was witnessing a full rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody presented by the advanced group to their instructor at 3150 metres – I am fairly certain that would have been a first for Tonale!

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Above all, we were hugely impressed by our students. I have already referred to their qualities of resilience and determination. However, they were also undeniably great company, a varied mix of sociable characters of a wide range of ages, all of whom contributed to the week away. It was genuinely a pleasure to spend time with them and the week was, as ever, one of the most rewarding educational experiences of the year. It is fantastic to see these young adults sharing our passion for everything that Snowsports represents; something one adult referred to as ‘our happy place’…

We cant wait for Snowsports 2020. Watch this space.

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