Growth Mindset

LogoAs a Growth Mindset school we actively encourage challenge, resilience and effort in all of our students and staff.  Based on the principles of ‘Growth Mindset’ by psychologist Carol Dweck, we believe that everyone’s abilities and talents can be developed through dedication and thoughtful practice.  We aim to create a love of learning in the face of challenge and difficulties, and educate our community to aspire for themselves and to inspire others in their achievement, approach and attitude.

In practice this means that our students are urged to see mistakes as an important part of the learning journey, not as failure. Students are praised for consistent effort, resilience and determination rather than quick success. They are encouraged to challenge themselves in every aspect of learning.

Our whole school culture of ‘Resilience’ and ‘Growth Mindset’ is dependent on the core principles of the Calthorpe Way; “Courtesy and Consideration”, “Challenge and Commitment”, “Respect and Responsibility” and “Image and Impressions”.

For further information please contact Mrs Edwards, the school Growth Mindset lead ( or follow the links below:

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CPS Parents Evening Growth Mindset Presentation

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