MUN 2015

P1040186We hosted the 15th annual Model United Nations event in our new hall on Friday 16th October with participants aged between 14 and 17 from the school alongside various other schools and colleges, including Court Moor, Collingwood, Cove, Farnborough 6th Form, Fernhill, Guildford, and Weydon.  Special guests and speakers were also invited to speak to the delegates and listen to the discussions.  Each country has a representative for each of the three committees – Security; Social; and Economic. On the evening of Wednesday 14th October, the delegates from each country attended their relevant committee, giving the delegates the chance to vote on resolutions and to ask for support from their allies.  These resolutions included topics as diverse as air strikes in Syria, refugees, ISIS, youth unemployment and low oil prices.

Prizes were awarded for the best costumes and as ever many countries dressed according to their country’s culture. Japan was the eventual winner, but UAE, Nigeria, Libya and Barbados all had excellent costumes, representing their countries proudly.

At the start of the General Assembly, the samba band opened the event before one of the guest speakers, Jason Keen, Parliamentary Advisor to Dan Jarvis, MP, gave some tips on debating. Local MP, Ranil Jayawardena also gave a speech about the world of politics, remarking on his first term as MP in North East Hampshire. He later reflected on what an excellent event it all was and that he hoped to be even more involved in the future.

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In the morning debates, a North Korean delegate stormed out of the meeting, although not before making a speech about the apparent ‘clear lack of democracy’ in these debates.  However, after feeling that his point had been firmly made, he re-entered the room and joined in the debates with the rest of the delegates from his country.  Cuba also made their mark by addressing the delegates through song, a memorable way of conveying a point!

The team from Norway said, “The organisation of the event was brilliant and the experience as a whole was great”.  Another team representing Russia commented, “Thank you so much for this year's MUN. All three of us loved it and thought it was the best yet!”


Another country reflected that: “Politics and government have an effect on our country whether we like it or not, and it is fantastic to see so many young people taking an interest”.  A guest and judge from Fleet Rotary said “I believe that MUN provides the students with essential life skills in presentation and confidence”

The delegates should be commended for all their hard work in preparing for this event, as well as the high level of debate seen during the day. In addition, the security team did an excellent job keeping all of the delegates and guests safe from any ‘threats’. Thanks must also go to the Gulshan for providing a spectacular lunch for all involved; and to the Rotary Club for their sponsorship and support of this fantastic event.

CPS Press Team

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