MUN 2014

On 8th and 10th October 2014, Calthorpe Park School hosted their annual Model United Nations (MUN) for the 14th year, with a lively introduction from the Samba band. This conference allows students in Year 10 and above to debate some of the crises the world is facing at the moment. In addition, the students have to think like their countries leaders, not how they perceive the topics. Once their place in MUN is confirmed, they research their countries and topics before deciding on the resolutions for discussion in the general assembly.

Calthorpe Park School hosts this event for the whole regional area, so this means that they invite other schools to help with the debates.  Other schools and colleges who took part included Court Moor, Frogmore, Cove School, Farnborough 6th Form College, Fernhill, Guildford School, Wavell and Weydon.  As well as this, special guests were invited to celebrate the young people’s ideas for the world.

Dsc_4891Some countries make a real effort regarding what they wear to represent their country. For example, the representatives from Pakistan wore cricket clothes, celebrating the love for the sport in the country. Other countries who tried exceptionally hard were Egypt/UAE, who all seemed to use the same fancy-dress shop and wore headdresses, while the Mexicans wore sombreros. 

On Wednesday night prior to the main event the countries drew up resolutions that were to be debated in the general assembly. A single country submitted a problem while other countries then co-submitted which means that they were committed to helping them with the ideas. At the start of each resolution, the countries that submitted the problem made an opening speech.  The resolutions for discussion this year can be viewed on this page.

Dsc_4904At the start of the general assembly, the school was lucky enough to welcome a political adviser to tell the budding political geniuses how they were going to get their point across. He advised them to use facts as they are lethal weapons, to not be afraid, to question things that you disagree with, to choose your ideas wisely and finally to be passionate.

Some countries were more friendly with each other than with others. For example, Norway were helping Ukraine and France, while Turkey helped Iraq with the ISIS Terrorist Organization. Other countries just decided to support arguments. For example New Zealand, who picked resolution 2, ISIS Terrorism, and 9, Youth Employment.

Dsc_4913Feelings were running so high at one point that there was a security alert when three delegate teams (Russia, USA and the UK) walked out of the Assembly Hall in protest.  Members of the Security Council had to immediately sit in emergency session, elsewhere in the building, in order to resolve the controversy.  Fortunately, they did so very well and on the Council's return, the resolution regarding weapons of mass destruction was skilfully amended and eventually passed by the General Assembly.

A huge round of applause to all the delegates who made this day really special. In addition, the security team did an excellent job keeping all of the delegates and guests safe from any terrorists. The Gulshan Restaurant, as aways, made sure the delegates and guests were provided with a truly delicious spread.  The General Assembly was delighted to hear words of wisdom from Jason Kean (political advisor to a Government Minister) and James Arbuthnot, MP.  We would also like to thank Fleet and Rushmoor Rotary Clubs and Siemens plc for their time and contributions towards making this event such a success.

Well done to everyone involved!


‘It was very realistic and I really enjoyed all the features (e.g. the voting system).  It was also good to see how students from other schools represented their respective countries.  The debates were really good’.

‘It was awesome!!!  Best experience of my school career.  Facilities and set up is so realistic, it makes us feel like we really are in the UN”

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